FOW Derivatives World London: The Debates 2017

Grange City Hotel, London, UK

06 Dec 2017

We end the year with our annual Derivatives World London The Debates conference. The event brings together over 200 people from the London derivatives markets to discuss the events over the past year and look ahead to 2018. The conference opens with an Oxford Style debate and brings new formats and angles to the issues of the day.

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8:30 Registration opens and networking

9:30 Welcome address 
Luke Jeffs, 
Managing Editor, Global Investor Group

09:40 Debate: The UK should radically alter Mifid II after Brexit

Will Mitting,
Managing Director, Global Investor Group

For: Barney Reynolds, Partner, Shearman & Sterling 
Against: Sam Tyfield, Partner, Vedder Price

10:20 Coffee break

11:00 State of the market: reasons to be cheerful about 2018?

Mifid II is done, interest rate rises will return, capital charges will be relaxed and Brexit talks will gather pace towards a last minute optimal conclusion. Are the good times about to return in 2018? Another path could see a very different outcome but volatility is likely to be a dominant theme, as is a return to innovation at global exchanges and market participants.
- Just how tough was the 2017 for the market?
- What is the outlook for 2018?
- What new products will be launched during the year?
- Does an end to Mifid II implementation mean a return to innovation in the market?

Daniel Neeteson, Principal Strategy – New Products, Optiver 


Julian O'Leary, Managing Director of Development & Technology, GH Financials 
Matthew McFarland, Director of Business Development, CBOE 
Neil Treloar, Director Strategy and Business Development, Tradition 
Philip Simons, Global Head of Fixed Income Trading & Clearing Sales, Eurex
Bujar Bivolaku,
Head of Regulation and Market Structure Strategy, Simplitium

11:50 Ted talk: New market, new mindset?

Steve Grob, Director of Group Strategy, Fidessa

12:05 Replacing Libor: a realistic aim?

Following the Libor-rigging scandal and higher costs associated with the benchmark, the hunt is on for an alternative. A new benchmark has the backing of senior regulators and market officials across the globe but with the rate under-pinning trillions of dollars of trading activity, how realistic is a viable alternative?
- What alternatives to Libor are there?
- How might an alternative be brought in?
- What impact would fragmented alternatives have on the global market?
- Can there be an alternative to Libor?

Chris Barnes, SVP Europe, Clarus 

Alex McDonald, CEO, WMBA 
Lee Bartholomew, Head of Fixed Income & FX Product R&D, Eurex 
Tim Bowler,
President, ICE Benchmark Administration

12:50 Presentation: Brazil - Interest Rate Derivatives
Natalia Bertinat,
Associate Director, B3 – Brazilian Exchange and OTC


13:00 Lunch

13:45 Is this the end of the small trading firm?

Proprietary trading groups and smaller hedge funds have been the key liquidity providers on European derivatives markets since the first days of the locals on the floor of Liffe. But with volumes dropping, costs rising and Mifid II and capital requirements forcing consolidation, times are increasingly hard for smaller firms.
- What impact would consolidation of prop firms have on the market?
- Can smaller prop groups consolidate operations without compromising independence?
- How will capital charges impact proprietary trading and smaller trading firms?
- Can a return to volatility save the day?

Martin Frewer,
Global Commercial Director, ABN AMRO Clearing

Max Butti, Head of Business Development, LSEG 
Mark Slade, CEO, OSTC 
Grant Oliver, Director, Financial Market Engineering,  

14:30 Ted talk: AI, The Financial Singularity and the Future of Markets

Paul Netherwood, Partner, Beach Horizon

14:40 What will happen on January 3rd 2018?

Mifid II is finally set for implementation on January 3rd 2018 but there remains numerous outstanding issues and significant concern over some aspects of the reforms. This panel will look ahead to M-Day as well as taking a longer look into what Mifid II will change for derivatives markets.
- What outstanding issues remain in Mifid II implementation?
- Will there be a liquidity crunch as firms are shut off from market access?
- How will market structure change in 2018 and beyond?
- How might post-Brexit Britain amend Mifid II?

Moderator :
Julie Aelbrecht,
Editor. Global Investor Group

Conor Foley,
Global Head of Government Relations, Norton Rose Fulbright
Simon Puleston Jones, Head of Europe, FIA 
Olivier Laurent, Senior Product Manager – Regulatory Change Product Management, HSBC
Stephen Hanks, Manager,  FCA

15:35 Coffee break

16.00 Technology: consolidation, competition and changing approaches

Buy and build is the latest theme of technology development with firms enhancing and tailoring off-the-shelf software products. It is also the latest theme in the landscape for ISVs with firms consolidating and launching new versions and products. At the same time incumbent firms are seeking to expand their offerings into new markets.
- How are large technology firms working with smaller rivals?
- What is behind the latest wave of consolidation in the tech market?
- How is the move towards buy and build changing attitudes to technology outsourcing?
- How are tech firms expanding their existing offerings to take on more of the cycle?

Rob Smith,
CEO, Applied Financial Technology

Chris Bartz, CEO, Elinvar
Ollie Cadman,
Head of Business Operations, Vela
Paul Clark,
Head of Institutional Strategy and Product Management, Broadridge 
Brendan Bradley
, Co-Founder, Seismic Foundry

16:45: Capital, liquidity and collateral

Pressure on capital is resulting in liquidity squeezes in a number of markets as traditional liquidity providers pull away from certain services. And with FX forwards coming into the margined environment in 2018 that pressure is only likely to grow. This panel will look at how capital rules are impacting liquidity and what can be done to ease the pressure.
- How are fund managers changing their treasury functions?
- What impact will margin on FX forwards have?
- How will capital rules impact non-banks in the market?
- Is a relaxation of the Basel III capital rules likely and what impact might that have?


David Field, Managing Director, The Field Effect

Mark Higgins, Managing Director, EMEA Product Management, BNY Mellon Markets 
William Garner, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys
Thomas Hansen,
Managing Director, Credit Suisse
Robert de Roeck,
Head of Multi-Asset Structuring, Standard Life Investments

17.30 Networking drinks reception




Confirmed Speakers


Chris Barnes, Head of Europe, Clarus
Chris Bartz,
CEO, Elinvar
Lee Bartholomew, 
Head of Fixed Income & FX Product R&D, Eurex
Natalia Bertinat,
Associate Director, B3 – Brazilian Exchange and OTC
Bujar Bivolaku,
Head of Regulation and Market Structure Strategy, Simplitium
Tim Bowler, President,
ICE Benchmark Administration
Brendan Bradley,
Co-Founder, Seismic Foundry
Max Butti, Head of Business Development, LSEG
Ollie Cadman,
Head of Business Operations, Vela
Paul Clark,
Head of Institutional Strategy and Product Management, Broadridge
Robert de Roeck,
Head of Multi-Asset Structuring, Standard Life Investments 
David Field, 
Managing Director, The Field Effect
Conor Foley, Global Head of Government Relations, Norton Rose Fulbright
Martin Frewer,
Global Commercial Director, ABN AMRO Clearing
William Garner, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys
Steve Grob, Director of Group Strategy, Fidessa
Stephen Hanks, Manager, FCA
Thomas Hansen,
Managing Director, Credit Suisse
Mark Higgins, Managing Director, EMEA Product Management, BNY Mellon Markets 
Luke Jeffs, 
Managing Editor, Global Investor Group
Olivier Laurent,
Senior Product Manager – Regulatory Change Product Management, HSBC
Alex McDonald, CEO, WMBA
Matthew McFarland, Director of Business Development, CBOE
William Mitting, Managing Director, Global Investor Group
Daniel Neeteson,
Principal Strategy - New Products, Optiver
Paul Netherwood, Partner, Beach Horizon
Julian O'Leary, Managing Director of Development & Technology, G.H. Financials
Grant Oliver, 
Director, Financial Market Engineering
Simon Puleston-Jones, Head of Europe, FIA
Barney Reynolds, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Philip Simons, Global Head of Fixed Income Trading & Clearing Sales, Eurex
Mark Slade, CEO, OSTC
Rob Smith, CEO, Applied Financial Technology

Neil Treloar, Director Strategy and Business Development Tradition
Sam Tyfield, Partner, Vedder Price

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