New GreenKey chief exec bullish over tech changes

New GreenKey chief exec bullish over tech changes

The new chief executive of US-based firm GreenKey said the voice tech firm has a bright future with investment banks after making a technical change to address bank concerns over using a cloud-based hosted voice solution.

Nader Shwayhat, the new chief executive of GreenKey whose appointment was announced on Wednesday, said the firm has invested recently in enhancing the technology that underpins its voice analytics products.

He told FOW: “We have been having exciting conversations with tier one banks, and a hosted solution requires us to overcome many institutional hurdles. We, in turn, have extended the platform so it can be federated to exist in a cloud of clouds that can sit onsite within a bank’s infrastructure.”

The new chief executive said the firm has also invested to enable its products to work seamlessly with third-party applications.

“We have been working hard in recent months to re-architect the platform, expanding our API connectivity and Gateway strategy -- which has opened up a host of enterprise client opportunities,” Shwayhat told FOW.

Shwayhat, who became a strategic advisor at GreenKey late last year, was officially appointed as chief executive of the New York-based firm on Wednesday, replacing former chief exec Paul Christensen, the former Goldman Sachs banker who left late last year just months after assuming that role in March 2016.

Shwayhat was latterly the head of global sales at Novus Partners, the New York-based buy-side tech firm, and previously worked for three years as executive director and global head of sales for CME Direct at the Chicago-based exchange giant.

He told FOW: “GreenKey is interesting because it is leading the field in one of the last areas of the financial markets that has been off-limits to technology, namely the data embedded in voice trading and communications.”

The new chief said the firm is taking a more collaborative approach, seeking to work with established tech suppliers to help firms, including the largest investment banks, move to a more efficient, hosted voice analytics model

He said: “It is too difficult to replace 2,000 turrets and decades worth of behavior today in one shot; rather, our focus is to work with our customers to glide them into a smooth transition that can include deploying our technology side-by-side with their existing solution and giving them new functionality they have never experienced before.”


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